Toad Fish? Really?


Deep Fried Toad Fish

Just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Highway 13, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, is the world famous “Stingray’s.” This is one of those all-in-one places you often see along the highways and byways, offering eclectic fare for travelers and locals alike. At Stingrays, you can fill up your gas tank and buy a pocket knife, a straw hat for the beach, a bottle of wine, fireworks (in season,) fishing bait and, yes a fine meal, too.

Today, we stopped by for lunch and, looking up at the chalk board specials, I saw something unusual, for me at least. “Fried Toad Fish.”   Excuse me? Fried what? I mean, I fish on occasion and though I do not catch much, ever, I have seen toad fish. Ugly creatures, let me tell you. And now I can get a plate of them? Deep fried?

I had to do it.

What was served was clearly not the same fish I had imagined. They were much better, and for that we were all thankful. They looked like over-sized minnows, about 4 – 5inches long each. Lightly breaded and fried, the toad fish had white flesh, much like a cod. And with the fish fried with tail intact, they looked like little fishies on a stick.

I spoke with several patrons and they told me they loved toad fish. Judging by the number of plates observed coming out of the kitchen, there is a cult-like following!

As for me, I will say they were not bad. Not my favorite, but at least now I can say I have tried them.  Should you get them?  Why not!

Deep fried Toad Fish on a stick – only at the world famous Stingray’s!


2 thoughts on “Toad Fish? Really?

  1. Toad fish sounds like a mixture of both… But I can imagine the dish was quite yummy! Extraordinary name and idea! Maybe a good way to prepare our european perch. Thank you!

    • D.J. Lutz

      I looked it up and found that there are about 30 fish here that can be called toad fish. Some look like toads with fins, others look like normal, small fish. I am hoping I ate the later and not the former.

      Never had European perch. Good luck if you try it and let me know how it tastes!

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