New look – new food adventures!


So I was at work today, in the maw of the cube farm machine, when a nice lady asked me “How was your Fourth of July?” We had just returned from a long weekend off and most of my fellow gray partition warriors were hard at work, already trying to determine when the next long weekend would occur. I looked up from my computer screen and realized that yes, she was, indeed, talking to me.

“Why, I had a great time. We watched a parade and some fireworks on the Eastern Shore…”

Then came the reply.

“Eastern Shore? Now where *is* that, exactly?”


I explained that if she drove down the road for about 15 minutes, she would come to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. “The land on the other side of that bridge…is the Eastern Shore.”

“I never knew that” she replied.

That is when I knew it was time to give Exploding Potatoes a specific mission: Explore the Eastern Shore of Virginia and give a weekly report of my culinary adventures.

Trust me…it will be worth the toll…

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “New look – new food adventures!

  1. Nice new design!
    Curious to read about culinary adventures from Virginia.

    What is a typical dish from your region? I could imagine that you can get absolutely fresh and yummy fish and other delicacies from the sea…

    Greetings from Germany!

  2. doug87

    Thanks for the comment! Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore region is blessed with the Atlantic on one side and Chesapeake Bay on the other, so blue crab, flounder, striped sea bass and oysters are quite popular. The Eastern Shore is mainly farmland, so potatoes, corn, soybean, tomatoes and wheat are very common in the fields.

    The best part of living here is that you can get most everything fresh if you want. We love it and it makes cooking and eating so much fun.

    New post coming in a day or two, from the middle of the Chesapeake Bay!

    Thanks for reading!

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