Bacon & Chocolate? Why not….


If you ask my Facebook friends to name my favorite food, even those I have not seen in years will tell you – bacon! And I ask you, is that so bad??

My favorite Aunt (in law) Sue stopped by for a visit recently and bestowed upon me two chocolate candy bars from Vosges Haute-Chocolat. This first one was a Barcelona Bar, the second…wait for it….a Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar. Yes, indeed – bacon (real bits o’ bacon, not just the flavor) and dark chocolate…in a bar. This has awesome written all over it!

So I tried the Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar first. I mean, really, it’s bacon after all. Why wait? The quality of the dark chocolate was very nice; at 62% cacao, it was certainly not your 75 cent, geedunk machine variety. Sea salt had been added to gave it that savory ambiance. It reminded me of eating chocolate covered pretzels, without the pretzels.

The bacon was in there all right, just in really tiny little bits, enough to give it a slight hint of bacon flavor. Very tasty, indeed, but I would have given the bacon a more prominant role. Instead of bacon bits, think chunks! Maybe I’ll try this at my chocolate class in July – but I digress…

America being a democracy, I had to try the Barcelona Bar. This bar features hickory-smoked almonds, sea salt and milk chocolate (45% cacao.) I don’t know how the percentage of sea salt in the Barcelona Bar compares to the Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar, but it was the perfect amount. Not too much, not too little. The Barcelona Bar is awesomeness wrapped in a silver foil pack.

Katrina Markoff, the Cordon Bleu (Paris) trained chocolatier who founded Vosges, has a nice variety of chocolates available in finer stores and, of course, on the web. I think with better marketing, and a bit more bacon, she could have a tremendous impact on the gourmet chocolate world. Could you go wrong with more bacon? I don’t think so…put it on a billboard off of the beltway in Washington, D.C. and see what happens.

Should you try these chocolate bars yourself? Sure! But save your pennies – these babies cost about 8 clams a piece.

A nice treat to be sure – and a great gift from Aunt Sue. I will have to create my own version and send her some in return!

Now, before you go commenting on the pro’s and con’s of bacon and chocolate, or my shameless plug of a high priced chocolate bar (see please remember to read my disclaimer page. Neither I nor Aunt Sue have any connection to Katrina Markoff or Vosges Haut-Chocolat, other than we both enjoy a good chocolate bar – and who doesn’t like that?

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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