Slow-Cooked Turkey – for those on the go!


This was a hit.  Less than ten minutes to prepare, cooked in the crock pot while I was at work, and less than ten minutes to make ready for the dinner plates.  Even clean-up was fast and easy!  Try it sometime and let me know what you think!


– Small Turkey (make sure it will fit in your crock pot…or use as an excuse to get a bigger cooker!)

– one half cup of water.

– just enough olive oil to lightly coat the bird.

– sun dried tomatoes, just a few – chopped up finely.

– to taste: minced garlic, chopped onion, basil, parsley, salt and pepper.


After washing and drying the turkey, place in slow-cooker, skin side up.  Make sure there are no gravy packets stuffed inside, or a wayward neck bone stuffed in the front.  I forgot to check once, and I still remember THAT smell…  Add the half cup of water to the pot. Coat the turkey lightly with olive oil.  Add the sun dried tomatoes, onion and spices to the skin, and don’t worry if some fall off, as long as they stay in the crock pot!  While it looks like you are seasoning the skin, you are really making the start of a good gravy!

Cover the crock pot; turn on low.  Come back 8 hours later. (I came back 9 hours later and it was just fine…)

Using large forks or tongs, pull the meat from the bones and place in a separate serving dish.  Once you have the all the meat in a serving dish, use a ladle or large spoon to transfer the remaining liquid to a sauce pan.  It is okay if some  meat, onion and tomato end up in there, too, but leave out the rest, as in the bones and fats, etc.  Bring to a low boil, add a little corn starch if you like, and you will have a nice, savory gravy.

Whatever is left in the crock pot is ready for the trash can.  Once cool, clean up is fast and easy!

Goes well with baked potatoes (make sure you poke them with a fork BEFORE baking…see title…and a green vegetable of your choice.  I used green beans.  Our 7 pound turkey made enough for over 10 dinner plates. I didn’t crunch the numbers, but dollar for dollar this looked to be the best buy as far as turkey. Heck, a pound of sliced turkey at my grocery deli runs about $4.50 to $7.00 a pound, depending on brand, and I didn’t pay more than 10 dollars for a whole bird.

Thanksgiving is coming up. If you are feeding four or less, this could be just the idea you have been looking for.

Gobble gobble!