Celebrate Våffeldagen Every Day!


For most of my readers, today is not March 25th, the traditional day to celebrate Våffeldagen, or Waffle Day, in Sweden.

What? You have not heard of this feast? Perhaps you are not Swedish. Regardless, the Swedes are on to something tasty because few foods are so versatile as the waffle. Many people simply drizzle some melted butter on top, then pour maple syrup across the toasty little squares. You can’t go wrong with this combination. Others, typically considered a Southern US tradition, take it one step further by adding fried chicken on top of the butter and syrup. A savory version of the waffle might include bacon and cheese. For a real treat, an ice cream sandwich made with fresh baked waffles can’t be beat.

Cholesterol be damned. Full speed ahead!

Another popular variation found in America is the Belgian waffle, which ironically is not found anywhere in Belgium.  The Brusselois have their own unique style of waffles and in the next few weeks, I will try my hand at making them. Stay tuned; stay hungry. However, that said, the “Belgian Waffle” that is king here in the States is found at the Texas State Fair.

My wife and I were recently in the city of Dallas, Texas (home of the Fair) and whilst relaxing at the La Quinta Hotel, a reporter for the local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, somehow found me and asked about a post I had written a few years ago concerning the State Fair waffles. Published yesterday, Dallas friends have sent me a link to the article. Some great history here. The bottom line is that the State Fair waffles traditionally have a layer of fresh strawberries on top, and the entire waffle, circular in shape, is ringed with whipped cream. Yes!

You can’t go the Texas State Fair without trying them.  You just can’t.  I think it’s a law, actually.

Now that we are back in Virginia, I must settle for pleasant memories. And I must defer my Våffeldagen-fest for a week or two due to other cooking projects. But – to show you how the waffle and Texas have been so intertwined, here is a picture of the waffle iron at my hotel.

 (For those not familiar, the waffle is shaped like the state of Texas)?????????????

Had I found the coffee first, perhaps the “Texas Panhandle” at the top would have had more batter. I should have made another, but one was enough that day.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Come back soon for more food trivia, recipes, news about Våffeldagen-fest and the dribs and drabs that describe my culinary travels through life.