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Perhaps you have not made a trip to Virginia, and that’s okay, but you should really visit sometime, if only for the wide variety of food (not mention, plenty of wine, too!)

Read on, culinary adventurer, and you will see there is more to Virginia than Smithfield Ham. There’s oysters, blue crab and flounder. There’s Southern Soul food with plenty of barbeque. There are old school family cafes that are still serving food made from grandma’s recipes. There are even a few Zagat-rated, white tablecloth, you better have a reservation or know someone fine dining establishments.

Heck, Doumars in Norfolk even has the original ice cream cone machine. The first one. Ever. And you can still get waffle-style cones made from it.

Since I know many of you can’t make it here often, I will do my best to taste everything for you and report on the culinary state of the Commonwealth. If it’s good, I’ll say so. If I don’t like it – I will mention that, too. To be fair, I will also comment on how popular the joint is – since just because I don’t like the food, maybe the rest of the town does. You should know so you can make your own decision.

Disclaimer post says it all, but I don’t receive anything for writing about these places. The recipes? If they aren’t mine, I will give credit whenever possible.

And how do I, a new convert to vegan-ism, handle all of this meat? I have good friends who always seem hungry. You can tell a lot about the food by the expression of someone eating it.

I love my job!



8 thoughts on “About the blog

    • D.J. Lutz

      Living in plain sight of the Atlantic, I often (always) forget about high altitude cooking. I will have to do some research on that one myself!

      • Baking is the worst…sea level cookie recipes do NOT work here…or cakes…it’s a bit tough to do homemade puddings and cream pies too…then there’s bread–it rises too fast so you have to do a double rising before the last one and use less flour…ha ha ha My water boils at 198 degrees F!! Now let’s talk about candy…

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