Last Call…


When I worked in the largest honky-tonk country western dance club and restaurant in Virginia, we used to have a ‘last call’ for kitchen orders at midnight. Due to state law, another ‘last call’ for alcoholic drinks occurred at 1:30am. Some people did not like it, but most understood and went on to somewhere else.

Here at Exploding Potatoes, it’s five past midnight.

With my writing business becoming more of a business, I have acquired a domain name and a website of my own. It is more for my writing – but then again, all of my writing involves food.

Still want recipes?

No worries. The website (here) has an area where you can sign up for a monthly-ish newsletter (here.) And each newsletter will have a recipe from one of the books. Think of it as a blog, but in a different format.

Of course, these recipes won’t go away. You will still be able to access them for the foreseeable future. I think if I hid the recipe for my cheesy tater tot casserole, there might be an insurrection. I can see the pitchforks and torches coming my way now. No sir. Not for me. The recipes? They are a-stayin’.

But – please check out the new website here. And if you want that special recipe each month? Sign up for the newsletter here.

No salesman will call.

And it goes without saying – thanks for sticking with Exploding Potatoes over the years. You all are a great bunch of folks. Truly.

DJ sends. Out.

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