The Last Cheeseburger?


I guess it’s only appropriate to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going “green,” as in starting my 6 week vegetarian food plan. Thankfully, today is only March 16th. I still have a few hours before meat gets replaced by beans, sprouts and tofu. What caused this insanity foray into better nutrition? A long story that you don’t want to hear, I’m sure. Regardless, earlier today I had one more opportunity to enjoy a good cheeseburger so I

photo 1 (7)

Where the locals eat – and you should, too.

Stingray’s, known locally as the Cape Center, is the diner of choice when on the southernmost end of the DelMarVa Peninsula, just across the Chesapeake Bay from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Locally sourced seafood, deep fried almost everything – wine by the bottle available for purchase (with a small corking fee) all inside the back of a gas station/trinket store on Highway 13.  You can’t miss it. Look for the 18 wheelers, pickup trucks and boats on trailers in the parking lot.

You won’t find Hollandaise sauce here; nor will you see a plate decorated with a spoon push of colorful reduction. Garnish of any type? Not really. This is just good old diner food. A fitting end to my carnivorous meal habit, at least for the next 6 weeks.

photo 2 (2)Mine was a great basic burger, more meat than bun. I opted for the plain version: meat, cheese and bun, but you can get it loaded if you want. And the onion rings? Beer battered, not too greasy and the onions just melted in my mouth. No pulling the onion out and leaving an empty shell of batter on the plate.

The staff was pleasant. They treat you like you’re a “from here” even if you are just passing through. Stingray’s is a fun place to go. You’ll see farmers, watermen, tourists, sometimes even the preacher stops by to get her usual tuna sandwich on wheat toast.

I was offered dessert. I had to pass. Too full from the burger!

Oh, cheeseburger – how I will miss thee.

You, however, should stop by Stingray’s the next time you are in the area. Check your cholesterol at the door and indulge!


5 thoughts on “The Last Cheeseburger?

    • No and yes on the fish. Eat to Live has a few variations, each with different levels of commitment. I am trying the all-out veggie diet for 6 weeks, then I will reintroduce fish. There are fish and meat versions too, I believe. All I know is that I feel 100% better after just three days.

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