Is the Souffle Done?


Stirring the pot, here.

In an effort to consolidate my “brand” as a culinary mystery writer & epicurean about town – and to give myself some more spare time to write instead of managing two blogs, I will be posting on my “other” blog, which can be found here!

I will still maintain this food blog, however, for a while. Probably six months or so. After all, the recipes are still good; the restaurants, still worth the wait for a good table.

Thanks to all who have stopped by over the past few years. A big shout out to the folks who knew “Cold Mac & Cheese” my first blog. And I lift a glass to the Writernubbin, wherever you are. She was my very first blogging “friend.”

So – stop on by the new kitchen (found here) and sign up for updates, if you like.

Things to look forward to:

`  February’s chocolate special. Four weeks of choco-goodness in a glass.

–  Watch as my culinary mystery, The Apple Pie Alibi, moves from the coffee shop to the unsuspecting public.

–  An ode to baseball, featuring ballpark food taken up a notch.

And it can all be found…here!  The souffle is done – stop on by for dinner!




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