Need a little zip?


Add a little zip to your pasta!

I imagine if you asked them, the highly skilled, five star restaurant owning, department store housewares hawking celebrity chefs you see on television would admit that quite often they need to resort to quick, processed foods for meals.  Aside from the notoriety, high pay and on-call makeup artists and hair stylists, they’re regular people just like you and me.  And their job is a lot tougher than mine, maybe yours, too.  If you think about it, these folks and their careers ride the winds of public popularity. That, my friends, can be fleeting.

So tonight I was looking at my stacks and stacks of cookbooks, pondering whether or not quinoa  might be a good diversion from couscous, when a thought occurred.

I can be a celebrity chef, too!

So I looked in the fridge and found the package of pre-made ravioli.  But alas, the nice bottle of spaghetti sauce had gone bad. What to do? Could I go off the beaten path and have ravioli, straight with no chaser? Thankfully, tucked away in the fridge door rack, next to the old bottle of chocolate sauce (and partially hidden by the almost empty bottle of bread and butter pickles, you know – your fridge has the same stuff!) was a bottle of Sriracha Sauce!

I added just a few drops , stirred it in, added some grated Parmesan, then a few more dashes of the red rooster.

Perfect! Just the right amount of zip.

Now to see what’s on the Food Network.





2 thoughts on “Need a little zip?

    • My wife had a church meeting that started at the same time I got home from work, so it was bachelor chef time. Plus I had homework so I couldn’t get too creative. Bonus – I now have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!

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