Virginia is for Bloggers


This is an interesting little group of blogs that I stumbled upon recently. (Click on the graphic above to check out to their site.)  The majority of the blogs focus on food, and all seem to be Virginia oriented. And since Exploding Potatoes covers both aspects, I thought I would join the fun.

Caveat – somehow, when I filled out the brief information required to associate with the blogfest, the only option available for me to choose was “Richmond,” our capital city. You long time readers know “that ain’t me.”

I haunt the vast expanses (chuckle) of the Eastern Shore, across the Chesapeake Bay, the highway and byway for New Englanders to drive through (way too fast) on their way to the Outer Banks for vacation. In fact, I am still hoping to get that interview with the owner of Brown Dog Ice Cream in Cape Charles, Virginia, the southernmost “city.”  The only problem is: whenever I am there she is making ice cream! So alas, I have to order something, and of course then eat it. By the time I am finished, I am so stuffed like a pig happy that I forget about asking any questions and go home for a nap!

Next time!


2 thoughts on “Virginia is for Bloggers

  1. Steve

    Hi I am brown dogs dad and owners husband
    I will let her know about your wonderful comments and that you would like to speak to her
    Brown Dog actually has a very cool story

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