BaconFest By The Bay – you heard it here first!


Just a quick post – as many of you know, I am fortunate enough to have an employer who provides us with an excellent dining facility. We have available, on a daily basis, a large salad bar that uses vegetables which are organically grown on-site, fresh soups made from scratch and low-carbon-footprint, sustainable foods, carefully crafted by trained culinarians into tasty meals. There’s even a vegan option – every day. My favorite lunch item, however, is the made-to-order deli wrap, grilled panini -style. The facility isn’t quite on par with Google’s kitchen, but close enough for me.

With all of the wonderful options presented, imagine my surprise when one of the employees (a healthy-looking one, at that) ordered:

“a bacon sammich, on white bread – with a bit of mayonnaise. Please.”

I started hearing Aretha Franklin music in my head, and had a strange hankerin’ for some fried chicken…and plain white toast. (shameless Blues Brothers reference, sorry.)

Which brings me to my next quixotic venture: BaconFest By The Bay 2014.  Do you hear the trumpet fanfare? I do. No, not just another blog extravaganza (search this blog for Baconfest 2010) but a “come to the beach, listen to some music, and have some great bacon cooked up by our area’s leading chefs. Smithfield Foods, purveyor of fine pork products, has already hinted their interest in supporting the event.

Of course there will be wine. Duh.

BaconFest By The Bay – it’s still in the concept phase, but with bacon – how can it go wrong?



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