Celebrate Pi Day with Chocolate Mousse Pie!


Chocolate Mousse Pie for Pi Day!

Yes, people, it is March 14th, also known as Pi Day!

What? I need to explain?

Okay, here it is: March 14th is 3-14 if you write month/day.   Pi = 3.14

Get it? I know. You thought today was just Albert Einstein’s birthday, but that’s okay.  Now you know something new!

Pi Day is a geek thing, but anything that gives me cause to eat make pie is a bona fide holiday in my book. Put it on your calendar for next year, show up to work or school with a pie, and you will be the hero for the day!

This recipe came from a wonderful website called CDKitchen. Valerie Whitmore runs the site and has personally tested thousands of the recipes. If it’s on the site, it is worth trying.

Here we go:

You will need either a 9 inch spring form pan or a 9.5 inch (24 cm) glass pie plate

You will also need, in order of appearance:

2o Oreo cookies (The original recipe calls for 2 cups. My pie plate requires a bit more.)

7 tablespoons of unsalted butter, melted

Non-stick cooking spray

18 oz (or 4 cups) semi-sweet chocolate chips

6 egg yolks*

5 egg whites*

2 cups heavy cream

* WARNING: consuming raw eggs may cause illness. Use pasteurized egg products to ensure your food safety. I can’t tell the difference; you probably can’t either. But it beats getting salmonella.

This is what you do:

Using a food processor, crumble the Oreo cookies, creamy white centers and all.

Close the bag of Oreo cookies and put away. You know why.

Really, put the cookies away. You don’t need any right now. Think of the pie!

Put the crumbled cookies in a large bowl. Add the melted unsalted butter and stir.

Using a non-stick cooking spray, lightly coat the inside of your pan or glass plate, including the sides.

Spatulize the cookie/butter mixture into the plate and spread evenly to create a nice crust; go up as far as you can on the side. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just not too thick, and preferably even in thickness.

Place the crust in a freezer to set.

In a microwave-safe bowl, place the chocolate chips. Heat the chocolate in your microwave for one minute. Stir, then heat for another minute. Stir again. This should give you a nice, melty lava flow of chocolate. If you want to heat the chocolate over a Bain-Marie instead, that’s fine, also. The nuke’er is just faster and more convenient for me.

ANOTHER WARNING: The hot, melted chocolate acts like napalm if it gets on your skin at this point so be careful. (You never know if lawyers are lurking around the Internet these days…)

Now add the egg yolks to the chocolate and stir until completely mixed.

Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks appear, then fold gently into the chocolate mixture.

Whisk the heavy cream until soft peaks appear, then gently fold into the chocolate mixture.

Are you tired of whisking  yet? It’s okay. You are done!

Now to put it all together

Take your crust out of the freezer. Pour the chocolate mixture (technically it is a mousse now) onto the crust. Smooth out the top, making sure the mousse has evenly filled the pie plate. Refrigerate or freeze until very cool. This could take 3 – 4 hours. Less if you are hungry.

The cooler the chocolate mousse pie, the better you will like it, so try to let it rest in the icebox for at least an hour.

And stay away from those Oreo cookies while you wait.

Once thoroughly chilled, cut a piece of pie and enjoy!

Pairs well with moo juice (milk!)

Happy Pi Day!!!!


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Pi Day with Chocolate Mousse Pie!

    • D.J. Lutz

      I am honored you stopped by! Thanks for the recipe; ’twas very, very easy to make. (Say hello to Browser and Widget, too!)

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