What? I write a food blog? This one?

First ever "Earthrise" photograph, t...

Sometimes, you just can't get a good ISP anywhere!

Okay, so I have been somewhat remiss in my duties regarding this blog. And I can think of numerous excuses for my lack of posts, but you wouldn’t believe the whole alien abduction thing, so why bother? (And I know who I saw on the ship, so you all can’t comment.)

Back to Earth now, I propose the following upcoming posts:

– Mashed Potato Pizza

– History beckons with a remembrance of Chef Rudolf, an “old school” chef I shared many a cup of coffee with, many years ago. I’ll quote his recipes verbatim. Unique. And tasty.

– An interview with a special guest from the world of Internet cooking. Of course, I need to ask her first.

– Then maybe I’ll get back to my New Years’ resolutions and see how we are tracking.

But first – mashed potato pizza. I am hungry just thinking about it!

Today’s Bonus: Always use a wooden spoon. I don’t know why, but Rudolf always insisted. And if he could beat the Nazi’s, then his wooden spoon advice must be worth something!



2 thoughts on “What? I write a food blog? This one?

    • D.J. Lutz

      Full moons are awesome here on the Eastern Shore. Makes the Atlantic just that much more mystic. And the mashed potato pizza that I am looking at comes from a small Vermont bistro. I will add more cheese and bacon. How could it go wrong?

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