I haven’t even finished last year’s resolutions,


Image by (Carrie Sloan) via Flickr

so why write new ones?

Well, here’s why –

Most of my activity will center around family and work. And my writing blog, Almost Out of Ink. But a man still has to eat, ergo Exploding Potatoes will not suffer.

Some treats planned for readers this year:

Review the following Hampton Roads, Virginia restaurants: Todd Jurich’s Burger Bar, Leaping Lizard Cafe, Doumar’s Drive-In and Steinhilber’s Restaurant.

Review the Sugar Plum Bakery in Virginia Beach, plus a bread bakery if I can find one that is a one-shop, mom and pop operation.

Tour at least two wineries!

And create , recreate, modify or borrow at least 6 recipes.

As we used to say – I’m hell bent for leather on this – and I have an extra day this year to do it.

Stay tuned.

Stay hungry!

Oh yes, thanks for reading this year. May you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012!

DJ Lutz



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