Back from the hills…

Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains 22 S...

Image by vossjose via Flickr

My goodness, it’s been a while since I have posted on E.P.   Rather than ladle out excuse after excuse for my inattention, let me give you a hint of my next culinary adventure.

Apple Butter. Grandma Alice’s homemade apple butter to be exact. Straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains, cooked in a huge copper pot hung over a wood fire, stirred with what looked like an over-sized garden hoe.

I don’t think it gets more authentic than this.

Came across Grandma Alice’s apple butter at the Appalachian Folk Art Festival in Radford, Virginia.  A nice event, complete with a woodcarver, blacksmith, basket weavers, knitters, tatters, fiddle and banjo band, and a lot more.  Go see it sometime! Usually happens in mid-October at Radford University.

So now I must go shopping for there are pork chops waiting.

See you soon.


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