Review: Surf Rider at Taylors Landing


Yesterday, when it was 103 degrees outside with a heat index of 115, the boss offered to buy lunch for the team. Giving the weather a “Pa-shaw”, and never one to turn down free food, we all agreed and met at the Surf Rider, Taylors Landing edition, located on Shore Drive in the Oceanview section of Norfolk, Virginia. (Click on the link for pictures and location info.)

What a nice experience!

We had a party of seven, which was not a problem for the staff, even with the lunch crowd coming in. To be fair, there are no reservations at Surf Rider (any of them) and they only seat you when at least half of your group has arrived. The place was full by the time we left and there were several people waiting. Given the heat of the day, this is a testament to the restaurant’s popularity.

The food was very good. Not five-star gourmet fare, but down-home seafood cooked with some thought and care.

We tried the crab cakes, fried oysters and seared tuna bites. Others had one of the chalkboard specials, the fried flounder.  There were no complaints and not much talking once the food arrived. The talk of the table was the vegetable of the day, however.

Most items come with your choice of two vegetables or steamed broccoli.  By all means, if you like broccoli – get the broccoli. What you get is an entire crown of the green veggie, steamed, served with a side bowl of Hollandaise sauce.

Who’d a thought?

Surf Rider has several locations throughout the Hampton Roads area, each with a slightly different ambiance. Having several Surf Rider aficionados at our table, it was agreed that this was the best one overall.  Cost? Reasonable. With a generous tip (deserved I will say) our tab came to $130. That works out $17 per person, including tax and tip.

I will definately be going back, when it is cooler so my lovely wife and I can have a nice lunch or romantic dinner on the deck facing the beautiful marina. Can’t wait!



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