A Fantastic Falafel “Burger” with Crazy Couscous!


Falafel with couscous

Now I will be the first one to admit, I am not a trained chef with a tall toque, but I am a guy that likes to venture beyond the drive-through when it comes to food. Of course, I have no degree from the CIA and my French is limited to “bon jour,” but I can read instructions and at times I follow them. And thanks to television (I know, really?) I have now learned about falafels with bean sauce and couscous. How did I accomplish this feat, you ask? Well, I must give credit to Melissa d’Arabian, a Food Network chef who has her own show on Sundays. Check it out if you can, it’s called Ten Dollar Dinners.

Last week Melissa showed a non-traditional way to make a falafel – by forming it into a patty and frying it up kind of like a chickpea-burger. She adding a pasta not used often in my part of the world, Isreali couscous, and flavored it with spices, diced tomatoes and some fresh herbs such as mint, parsley and cilantro.

To complement the falafel and couscous, diced tomatoes and thinly sliced cucumber sticks are added as sides. A creamy white bean yogurt sauce is drizzled over everything to tie it all together.

Now I am no Food Network Star, but if I can watch one episode and follow the recipes, you can to! Try it sometime. Pick your favorite TV chef (I have several) and try your hand at copying their show. You will impress your family and friends with your amazing technique and plates full of excellent food.

I did.  You can, too!!

P.S. To see these recipes, just click on the links above!

Buen Provecho,amigos!



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