Diet Food? Why, yes. Even with bacon!


Chicken Breast stuffed with Spinach, Feta and Bacon!

I won’t bother you with my motivations for starting the New Adkins Diet (see disclaimer post, por favor) but it’s working well for me.  I like the fact that the program is all about real food. In fact, dinner didn’t take long to cook and it tasted awesome!

Tonight’s entree, served with a salad, was a stuffed chicken breast. Easy to make, bake it or grill it, you can’t miss with this one!

Stuffed Chicken Breast (for one)


1  large chicken breast (fresh or thawed from frozen, boneless, skinless)

2  tablespoons Feta cheese (as much as you want, really)

4-5  leaves of fresh spinach

1  slice of cooked bacon

Putting it together:

Slice open the chicken breast, creating a pocket much like you would see with Pita bread.

Stuff that Feta cheese into the pocket.

Seal it in there with the spinach leaves. It doesn’t have to be neat.

Put the bacon slice on top of the spinach.

Now, go wash your hands.   Do it.    I’ll wait.

Cooking it:

Put it in an oven safe container and bake it at 350 degrees F.

or to get that nice browning on the chicken…

Throw some butter in a non-stick skillet and grill it. Be careful when you turn the breast – you don’t want the insides fallin’ out. I suppose you could use string or toothpicks to keep it all closed up, but I was careful and didn’t have a problem.

The important thing is that you cook the chicken all the way through. If in doubt, microwave it for an extra minute. Don’t take any chances, people. Internal temperature of 165 degrees F. – that’s the magic number you need to reach!

When done, serve with a nice salad of mixed greens, a few cherry tomatoes and some cucumber slices.

As Chef Rudolf would say – Happy Eating!

2 thoughts on “Diet Food? Why, yes. Even with bacon!

  1. another yum. I just cooked bacon to put with spinach and feta salad. Now I can stuff it in a chix breast. Have you ever stuffed a chicken thigh?

  2. D.J. Lutz

    I have never stuffed a thigh. I usually use thigh meat for more complex dishes like stews. The darker meat has so much great flavor. Thanks for stopping by, I will have to return the favor and stop by yours!

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