Musicians and good food – never far apart.


So I went to my high school reunion a little while back (the 31st, if anyone is counting) and noticed that one of my former band chums is now a chef at a very nice steak house in Dallas. I did not have time to eat there, and that was a grand error on my part.

Ted, being a Facebook friend of course, posts pictures of the dishes he prepares. They always seemed to be of some exotic game, you know buffalo, antelope, that sort of thing. So I finally asked him to send me the link to his restaurant.

Check it out! If you ever find yourself in Big D, stop by the YO Steak house. Aside from the awesome food (just read the who’s who of reviews) it is very cool to note that they raise their own stock on their own 48,000 acre ranch. Yes, the YO Ranch is fairly well known in Texas. Now they have a restaurant that goes with it. That’s pretty extreme if you ask me.

So while I gather ingredients for this week’s venture, turkey chili, and ponder what is in the green mason jar (both to be featured in a post very soon) I will just have to imagine that I am dining on Buffalo Carpaccio and Arugula Salad dressed Maple Pecan Vinaigrette and Deep Ellum Bleu Cheese. Here’s the link – check it out:


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