Snowed In


Snow smacks the Eastern Shore of Virginia

The snow started falling last night, which was technically still December 25th, so I guess we can say we did, indeed have a white Christmas on the Eastern Shore.
The good news – we have plenty of food. Leftover salmon from our Asian-Pacific themed holiday dinner (did I tell you we almost never have “normal” meals?) along with deli turkey, Havarti cheese and some nice Boule. Given that Santa gave me three bottles of wine, all is not lost.
The bad news – the main road is clear, as is the bridge leading back to Virginia Beach, but farm roads like ours are still covered with snow. I would try to traverse them tomorrow to get to work, but the farmers dig deep ditches alongside the country roads to keep people from driving into their fields. Now those trenches are filled with snow, so you won’t know that you are driving into one until…well, you get the picture.
Once I do get back to the mainland, I have a culinary plan.

Turkey Chili.

Stand by. It’ll be good. Perfect for the cold days of Winter.


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