Virginia Farmer’s Market Week is here!


Celebrate Virginia's Farmer's Markets!

Once you take a drive along Lankford Highway, also known as Highway 13, the nice scenic drive that follows the spine of the Eastern Shore of Virginia from the Chesapeake Bay into Maryland, you will notice during the summer the plethora of local farmers selling extra vegetables at roadside stands.

Some of the stands are permanent structures, often selling fireworks and Virginia hams in addition to veggies. Other stands are simply pick-up trucks, parked alongside the shoulder of the road, accompanied by a handmade sign planted about five feet in front of the lowered tailgate. One of my favorites is a guy who is selling 50 pound sacks of potatoes for about ten bucks. You just can’t get that kind of deal anywhere else!

I had mentioned earlier the “secret – locals only” market, known as the Fresh Market. This is the stand where you take what you want, and leave the money in a box. Totally on the honor system…and it works. See the pics above and below for a sample of their wares.

Since moving to the Eastern Shore, and getting to know many of the farmers, I have a new appreciation for how hard they work for us. One of the best things a parent can do is teach their kids that foods don’t just show up at the supermarket – they all start one way or another with the farmer. Willie Nelson knew this years ago when he started the Farm Aid concerts.

I know President Obama is quite busy these days, what with trying to solve the ills of Wall Street with a reorganization of the Health Care System, all the while trying not to slip on oil washed up from the BP Oil Spill, so I give two “green thumbs” up to the fine Commonwealth of Virginia for helping Mr. Obama out with this one.

That’s right, August 1 – 7, 2010 is “Celebrate Virginia Farmer’s Markets” week. No matter where you are, there is probably a Farmer’s Market somewhere nearby. I just spent a week up in the Shenandoah Mountains and saw plenty of them. For more information on Virginia’s Farmer’s Markets, check out

Know your food – thank your farmer!


2 thoughts on “Virginia Farmer’s Market Week is here!

  1. doug87

    Seafood Markets, yes!! I love seafood and I have found some great cooks on the Eastern Shore. I have just recently started exploring the area and am always on the lookout for great tasting, local foods – from the land AND the sea!

    If anyone has suggestions on places to try, please let me know. Festivals, businesses, anything that relates to food and beverage – I am always willing to shake a hand, take a picture and learn / write more about the area!

    Thanks for reading!

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