Baconfest finale – healthy version! (picture coming)


For my closing entry of Baconfest 2010, my culinary adventure involving cooking through many of the recipes of Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon, I have chosen Wittenberg Splits. In the interest of my arteries, I have made some key substitutions. Nevertheless, it tasted fabulous! In the words of the famous band conductor, Maruku Shuma-te, “Let’s get to it!”


2 Hotdog buns
Butter, enough to spread on the buns
2 Hotdogs(I used turkey dogs)
4 Tablespoons shredded Cheddar cheese (I used regular sharp. I suppose you could try low-fat)
2 Pickle slices (I used bread and butter, sliced thin for sandwiches)
2 slices Bacon (I used turkey bacon. See a trend, here?)


Spread butter of the buns. Grill in a large frying pan, browning nicely.
Set aside on the serving plate.

Put the bacon slices and the hotdogs in the hot frying pan. Cook until the bacon is crispy. When done, take a knife and carefully slice the hotdogs open lengthwise and open them up. Add the cheese, evenly distributed between the two.

Once the cheese has melted, carefully place the hotdogs on the buns, top with a pickle slice and crown with a slice of bacon.

That’s it. Eat ’em up!

If you are morally opposed to turkey dogs, set aside your biases and try this recipe -it will open up a whole new world for you.

For a different twist, add some BBQ sauce on the dogs before you add the cheese.

Serve with a slice of cool key lime pie!

Happy Eating!


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