If at first you don’t succeed, eat it anyway!


Kentucky Benedictine on Carr's Water Crackers - Mmmmm!

Baconfest 2010 continues with another recipe from Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon. Today I tried an appetizer made famous in Louisville. Kentucky. Not really known outside of that region, save for Zingerman’s Deli and those who have read the book, Kentucky Benedictine is quick and easy to make and has nothing to do with alcoholic spirits or monastic orders. Those are a different type of benedictine! On with the story…

Disclaimer – I did not follow the recipe exactly.

Hindsight – I should have! But it tasted good anyway, so I’ll give you both versions:

Kentucky Benedictine

1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, grated
2 tablespoons sweet onion, grated
10 oz. cream cheese
dash or two of pepper
one dash of salt
one dash of dill (my addition)

2 – 3 pieces of cooked bacon, cut into 1 inch sections

After peeling and seeding the cucumber (I used a spoon quite successfully,) grate the cucumber. Using a fine mesh sieve, drain the cucumber.

In a food processor, add the drained cucumber, the grated onion, the cream cheese and the other ingredients. Pulse one or two times, just until everything is mixed.

Done. See? That was easy!

Spoon some on top of a nice cracker and add a small piece of cooked bacon on top. Plan to serve three per person. Makes a bunch. This will easily make a tray’s worth. Good enough for the average cocktail party!

Where did I go wrong? I did not drain the grated cucumber so I ended up with a nice cucumber dressing. After a while in the cooler, it did set up enough for me to use effectively on the cracker. The tray-full of crackers were eaten quickly, so I still deem this a success, as well as a learning experience!

If a dad can do this, anyone can!



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