The Ultimate (Leftover) Turkey Sandwich


Ultimate (Leftover) Turkey Sandwich

A variation of the turkey sandwich from the Chesapeake Bagel Shop, this is a great way to upgrade the inevitable turkey sandwich you will be making the day after Thanksgiving!   Use the focaccia bread (see previous post) for a savory, crunchy base.

For vegetarians (of all types,) as in 75 percent of my household, the sandwich is great without the turkey, too. Vegans can replace the lettuce wih bean sprouts and seasoned / baked tofu for the turkey. My wife just slapped some butter on the focaccia bread, grilled it on a skillet, then added the tomato along with a little Havarti cheese. She loved it. Everyone wins, except maybe the turkey 🙂 but that argument is for someone else’s blog.

Here’s what you do:

Slice about 3 inches of focaccia bread off of the loaf.  Then slice that piece in half, lengthwise forming two planks about a half inch thick or so.

Top the base with:

– shredded lettuce

– slice or two of tomato

– a little red onion slice, spread about

– cheddar cheese

– turkey (ahem…or other meat substitute)

– two or three pieces of crispy bacon (sorry vegans, can anything really replace bacon?)

The Ultimate (Leftover) Turkey Sandwich

Then spread a little cranberry jelly (or relish, even better) on the top plank of focaccia and top off the sandwich.

Viola!  You are ready to enjoy the savory bread, coupled with the sweet taste of the cranberry and the salty taste of the bacon.

Happy eating!


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