Hurricane Ida – Good times if you are a (Yellow) Duck!


For those that know, I live in the Southeastern part of Virginia, Virginia Beach specifically.  Hampton Roads, as the larger area is known, took a small but big enough hit from the remnants of Hurricane Ida.  Lots of rain, flooding in the low areas and power out for almost everyone.  The kids and I made it through Friday, but then decided to traverse the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to get to the Eastern Shore.  There we have a parsonage at our disposal, complete with electricity and heat.

The trip across the bridge was adventurous to me, kinda scary for normal people.  The bridge is usually 50 or so feet above the water line, give or take 4 to 5 feet for tides.  That night, however, we could see the white caps of the waves just below the road structure, with spray at eye level. A long 18 miles just to get food and a warm place to sleep. But we made it without incident.  The good pastor, my lovely spouse, had gone to the store and bought chili fixins’, which was probably the best choice given the circumstances.

Saturday meant a trip to one of our favorite spots, the Yellow Duck Bakery Cafe.  That, with a side trip to Quail Cove Farms, meant good eating at the ol’ parsonage!  As I thought about what to blog, I remembered that I see thousands of travelers on Highway 13, most with out of state plates.  Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, all coming down 13 to get to the outer banks of North Carolina. True, not much traffic this weekend, but normally it’s like a train of cars going south on Friday, north on Sunday.  And they pass right by two of the best kept secrets around!

Beth Flynn owns the Yellow Duck Bakery Cafe – “Simply SpecQUACKular!” as she would say, which is located in Exmore, VA.  As you come down from Maryland (or up from the Beach,) just look for the signs that say “Exmore” – then look for the sign (on Hwy 13) that says “Yellow Duck Bakery.”  There’s an arrow and everything.  Once you find it, snag some locally roasted organic coffee while you look over the daily dozen variety of muffins.  They have over thirty different muffins and you will find the 12 to 16 “flavors” baked fresh that day.  I had the Mint Chocolate Chip – awesome!  We had a dozen boxed up for the trip home.

The bakery itself is a tiny little place, right out of Mayberry RFD for those that remember.  As an aside, Sheriff Taylor, aka Andy Griffith, lives on Tangier Island, up the Shore a piece and off shore a bit, Bayside, but that’s a different story.

The Yellow Duck is also the local favorite for cake.  Any occassion, but especially wedding cakes. Everything is made there on premises and it all tastes great! The ambiance is wonderful, too.  Hardwood floors, painted a minty green, with a soda case painted bright purple, the Yellow Duck has all the charm of a shop built in the sixties by one the Flower Children.  The European style tables, all 5 of them, are comfy as well as stylish.  Overall, a great rest stop for those busy traveling up and down 13. Check ’em out at

If you are on your way to the Outer Banks, stop by Quail Cove Farms for fresh, right off the farm organic produce. Located in Machipongo, VA it is just south of Exmore. Look to the east for signs, kinda hard to find if you don’t know where to look, but worth a visit.  They were out of Hayman potatoes, but we stocked up on russetts that were just as sweet. Be sure and pick up a copy of their sales price list and newsletter.  It has a listing of everything that they sell, as well as recipes.  November’s newsletter has sweet potato rolls and butternut squash cake recipes.  Yumm! Check out their website at for more info.  You can’t go wrong AND you will be supporting the local farmers!

Pictures will be posted later.  For now, have to go to church. Don’t want to be late!


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Ida – Good times if you are a (Yellow) Duck!

    • doug87

      Be sure to try the iconic “yellow duck shortbread cookies.” Like an idiot, I forgot my camera. Next time! Hope you enjoy your future visit to the Shore. Thanks for reading, too!

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