On the spot – Next Iron Chef


Left the Shore and returned home to the Beach. If that sounds erroneously redundant, it isn’t.  Think Virginia Beach and Eastern Shore.  But I digress and I haven’t even started the post yet.  Here we are watching Food Network and it’s time for The Next Iron Chef. Kind of a stream of consciousness style of post, I’ll write as the episode unfurls:

A Mexico inspired episode, using tamarind.  Lets see how it works out.

Only 90 minutes for chefs to produce something.  That’s hard to do when you include shopping time!

Lots of running in the store. I don’t know many chefs that are into running, Cat Cora being an exception.  Some of our chefs need Segways?

Chef Crenn is out the store first and already cooking. Good for her! Some of the competitors are proving to be a challenge to work with, last week’s grape leave hording (Mehta) come to mind, and having the kitchen to herself should be an advantage.

Uh oh, Chef Garces needs to step it up, he doesn’t seem to have a sense of urgency while shopping?? He’s the last one out the store door. Good luck once you get to the kitchen, hope there’s a pan left for you.

Have they not watched the show?  Stay way from the ice cream machine, people!

Chef Appleman has the right idea on burner efficiency, Chef Crenn will have to get over it.

Tamarind eclairs?  Hmmm. Chef Freitag may be onto something.

Chef Mehta…Morimoto isn’t watching. 86 the ice cream concept, please, for everyone’s sanity.

Oh, a pressure cooker out of control. Chef Appleman seems to have a definite problem now.  Our “in-house”  judges are wondering if he will finish?  This could end badly.

Ten minutes to go.

Fire.  Fire bad.

Ahhh, now a beverage challenge with 4 minutes left.  Stop whining people, just grab the tequila!!!  It’s Mexico for heaven’s sake.

Liquid nitrogen, now we’re talking!

One minute to go. Panic Panic!!!

Count down.

It’s the basketball buzzer.

Judgment time.  Here we  go:

Chef Crenn: Chicken Torilla Soup – overall okay, except for Jeffrey who wasn’t impressed. The drink: okay. Dessert: raw.

Chef  Appleman:  Sopa: good save.  Crepas: good.  Drink: good contrast.

Chef Freitag: Camarones: Jeffrey spoke  “Shop badly or cook badly?” Hmmm. The eclair had mixed reviews.

Chef  Mehta: Pork – good reviews.  Ice Cream: better!  Drink: so so.

Chef Garces: Mole (my favorite sauce) tamales – “Great” from Jeffrey! – Drink: success.  Dessert: Flan – don’t blame your mom for curdling.  Tap tap tap…

Chef Mullen: Shrimp tacos- greasy, heavy. Mexican corn – good char taste.  Dessert: Mango – sour.  Beverage: Nitro Tequila – good job.

Chef  Trevino: Shrimp/Snapper – mixed reviews.  Sake a la Mohito. Weak. “needs 4 more ounces of sake”  Dessert- torte: Jeffrey no, the ladies yes.

My guess: Chef Appleman, Mehta and Garces, in that order.  Going home? Chef Freitag, maybe Chef Crenn.

And how does it all end?  Let’s see:

Chef Mehta: wins today!

Chef Appleman: with honors!

Chef Garces: flan withstanding, success!

Going home? Chef Crenn.  The eclair (even raw) saves Chef Freitag.  Whew!

As always – a great episode. Can’t wait until next week. See you then.  This was a fun way to watch.  You should try it!

– Doug87


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