The Pot Roast is a hit!


If you have read the previous post, you will recall that I started slow-cooking a pork tenderloin pot roast.  I ended up cooking it overnight on low (this is a crock pot so we can do this safely) and then turning it to “warm” in the morning.  I know from experience that this setting will keep food about ten degrees over the danger zone, so at worst I would have overcooked and dry pot roast when I got home from work.  To mitigate the misfortune of petrified pork, I added another cup of chicken broth in the morning, allowing the steam to keep the meat tender.  At 5:30, the whole thing had been stewing (pun intended) for about 20 hours.

What a treat!  The meat was just falling apart on the fork. Mostly moist with bits of char texture from where the pork had contact with the side of the crock pot. It was awesome! With the kids eying it as much as me, I don’t think there will be leftovers for long!

My chef de cuisine took a picture. Clarity is something we will work on with better equipment when I can afford it, but you will get the idea.  Try this on a cold day. The garlic alone will make the house smell like home!

Pork Pot Roast - the best yet!

Pork Pot Roast - the best yet!


2 thoughts on “The Pot Roast is a hit!

  1. Yum! I have a pork tenderloin pot roast in the freezer. I think I will take some inspiration from you and cook it nice and slow for a really long time. I can’t wait!

    • doug87

      The pork roast turned out better than I thought possible, plus it was so easy to separate the meat from the fat. Tasty vittles! Try the pork with my BBQ sauce (“Don’t get saucy with me Bernaise!” posted 19 Nov 09)

      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the roast!

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