Home Remedy 101


By now you have been inundated with news about flu.  Asian flu, swine flu, one flu over the cuckoo’s nest; if it’s a noun, it’s probably a flu.  Well, in the interest of vindicating the poor pig, I bring you the pork stew. It also has enough tasty accoutrement that it actually may help build the immune system*, thusly vanquishing those nasty flu germs.  Or… the garlic will keep people away from you, and by default reduce the chance you might encounter said germies.

The stew is cooking for now, so I can’t say if it’s a winner or not, but the house smells good. Take that for what it’s worth….

In a slow cooker, put in…

3 big Russet potatoes, washed and cut into bigger than bite sized chunks

4 carrots, peeled and chopped into bite sized chunks

6 pearl onions, no skin thank you very much

6 cloves of garlic, pressed.

1 Tablespoon of whole peppercorns

1 1/2 c. Chicken broth

Pork tenderloin, whatever size suits you, cut into big chunks

Basil, sprinkled on the pork

Slow cooked overnight.  Serve with pop tarts for breakfast.

Okay, the last part was a stretch, but you COULD have pop tarts for breakfast while you watch the stew cook.

Hello, taste buds! Run, germs, run!

* The author of this post is not a medical doctor, not qualified in any way, shape or form to dispense advice on how to build the immune system.  It’s a crap shoot, people. Too much garlic will, however, make people think twice about hanging around you.


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