Directions? I don’t need to ask for directions…


In my short tenure as one of a zillion bloggers, I have started looking at other food blogs.  Photos seem to be the thing to have and I don’t have any…yet.  I spoke to my esteemed colleague, who happens to actually have a camera, and she will help digitally chronicle my kitchen and food adventures. This could be like Dali helping Luther.  Who knows if this will work, but it should be fun!

I am also trying to see if there are other food bloggers from Virginia.  The UK has an association of food bloggers (see A Slice of Cherry Pie) so maybe we should, too.  Maybe we already have and I just don’t know it yet?

Lastly, I am thinking “ingredient of the month” where a reader suggests an ingredient and I come up with something even a dad could make in the kitchen.  A shallow version of Iron Chef, if you will. I will have to ponder on how to set this up.  Film at 11.

No new recipes for a few days.  We have to eat the leftovers first!


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