Disclaimer, Disclosure and Transparency


So the FTC has ruled that bloggers need to disclose when they are compensated for reviews or endorsements.  Compensation can be in the form of products or cash, “Blogola” is the term being coined at this time. Well, here is my official statement concerning Exploding Potatoes:

I am not at this time compensated in any way, shape or form for anything I have posted.  If I do get a product to review, I will dislose that fact in the post. Fair warning to those companies that decide to send me something – if it works well, I will say so.  If it sucks, I’ll be nice and won’t say that it sucks.  Instead, I’ll mention that I tried a similar product earlier and that one sucked.  Then I’ll mention that your product isn’t quite as good.

I will never accept payment of any kind for restaurant reviews. If you want me to review your ptomaine tavern, slop chute, roach coach, chum bucket or whatever, you can always invite me.  I’ll go when I have both the time and finances to do so. You’ll know I was there when you read all about it the next day.  If  it’s a great experience, I’ll let everyone know right away.  If the joint seems to have had an off-night, I will back on a different day, to a different server.  I have worked every job there is in a restaurant, both front and back of the house and I know sometimes you get that server who just isn’t having a great day.  With two or three visits, I will feel more comfortable writing a review.

Best of  luck to everyone.


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